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Making a good bespoke suit, is still a good habit in order to guarantee the elegance that every man requires. With high quality fabrics (Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil, Holland&Sherry, Vitale, Barberis Canonico, Thomas Mason, Canclini, Albini, among others), with dedication and extreme personalization, perfection is achieved.

The style, class and luxury come together in Muki Bespoke thanks to the extensive work carried out for years in London, where he worked with resistant fabrics.


Dedication and personalization

Muki Bespoke gives added value in each tailored suit with a comprehensive and personalized study of each custom.

The testimony of each stage of work has been carried out exclusively hand made, and it is shown through the seam label. The prestigious brand that stands out among the best tailors in Barcelona.

The custom-made suits and shirts crafted at Muki Bespoke  are inspired by contemporary fashion to create each tailored suit based on the taste, style, and unique identity of the client. Your body is analyzed, and a unique pattern is created with exact measurements, just for you.

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Muki's method

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Welcome to Muki Bespoke

The first appointment is the most important and personal moment in making a custom suit. During this we will talk and get to know each other personally. During this we will talk and get to know each other personally. I will understand your needs and identify your tastes. in order to create a suit full of identity and totally exclusive. Every tailored suit should reflect your unique personality, and this quote is the first step in achieving that.

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Precision and details
Precision is essential for an exceptional tailored suit. I will take your measurements meticulously to ensure that every millimeter of your suit fits your body, ensuring the highest quality, comfort and elegance.
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100% hand-sewn

Here is where your bespoke suit is brought to life. The combination of 100% hand sewing with the use of luxurious fabrics guarantees the highest quality and exclusivity. The goal is for your garment to be a unique work of art.

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Fitting and delivery

It’s your time! For the first time, in an exclusive and personalized environment, you will be able to try on the suit we have created together. We will carry out all types of fittings and adjustments, ensuring that every detail is impeccable to ensure that your suit is perfect before its final delivery.

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Muki's tissues


Extreme quality luxury tissues

Also, in Muki Bespoke, softness and good touch of Italian fabrics are used, working exclusively with anglo-italian fabrics.

By choosing the best fabrics, such as Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry , Vitale Barberis Canonico, Thomas Mason, Canclini, Albini, among others, Muki Bespoke achieves the desired elegance. The distinction of wearing a good custom-made suit, with the exact measurements of the client, makes Muki Bespoke one of the best tailors in Barcelona.

Bespoke suits fabrics
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Best quality fabrics for bespoke tailoring
Bespoke suits fabrics
Bespoke shirts fabrics
Best quality fabrics for bespoke tailoring